Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page for the WebProNews eBusiness Directory. In time, this list of questions and answers will expand and change, so check back when you have new questions, because there is a good chance they have already been answered here.

WebProNews eBusiness Directory Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I've submitted my site, but it's not showing up. Why isn't my site included in the directory?

A: This could be for a variety of reasons. The most common reason is that your site does not qualify as a useful resource for someone running an online business. Another common reason is that the site is not written in the English language. The eBusiness Directory is an English language directory, and so are all of the sites listed within. It's not that we wish to discriminate against other languages. It's just that our staff is only fluent in the English language and would not properly be able to determine a site's quality in other languages.

Poorly designed sites, sites with visible errors, sites that return "page not found" at the time of the approval process, and sites that do not appear trustworthy will also have a hard time getting approved. If the site is not submitted to a relevant category, it will not likely be approved. These are some of the biggest reasons that sites are rejected.

Q: Some listings in the directory have images by them. Why doesn't mine?

A: Many of the existing images in the directory were put in by hand at the time of the directory's creation. We felt this gave it a more interesting look, and helped set the directory apart from many of the

other ones around the web. Eventually, we decided to make image inclusion an option for anybody submitting their site. There is now a place to include an image in our submission form. If you are already listed in the directory, but your picture isn't and you would like for it to be included, you can send it via email attachment to eBusiness Directory manager Chris Crum at The subject line must contain the words "WebProNews Directory" and the image must be in the proper format which includes dimensions of 50x50 pixels, and one of the following file types: .jpg, .gif, or .png. Only images in the proper format will be accepted via email or the submission form.

Q: My site is relevant to online business, but I don't see a category that it really fits into. How should I submit it?

A: If you cannot find a relevant category, but you feel that your site is a useful resource for online businesses, you can submit it to the XYZ category. This is sort of our catch-all category for sites that don't fit into other categories.

There is also a good chance that the category your site belongs to will eventually become a category in the eBusiness Directory. We plan to expand the directory frequently by adding new categories and

sub-categories. You are always free to give us feedback via the contact form and suggest new categories.

Q: How do I know when new categories have been added?

A: We are offering a variety of ways to stay informed about what is happening with the directory. You can find information at the blog at You can subscribe to the RSS feeds for that blog, or you can read the email newsletter for the directory for which you are automatically signed up for upon submission of your site.

Q: I did not sign up for an email newsletter from the eBusiness Directory. Why am I getting one?

A: As mentioned above, you are automatically signed up for the newsletter upon submission to the directory. Please see our Terms of Service.

Q: I do not want this email newsletter. How can I stop receiving it?

A: You can unsubscribe from this at any time by either using the unsubscribe link located at the bottom of every message or sending an email to requesting to be unsubscribed from the newsletter.

Q: Can I pay to have my site featured in the directory for better visibility?

A: No. We do not subscribe to paid inclusion. The goal of the directory is to remain a useful resource for people in online business to find information. Having paid inclusion could compromise the quality of this.

Q: I know a perfect site for a certain category, but I did not find it there. Why not?

A: Because either we hadn't thought to include it yet or it had not been submitted to us. You are free to submit other sites that you know about that you would like to see included in the directory.
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